Sheets and Strips

Sheets and Strips are a common ticket style. Sizes can vary from 2″ x 5″ to 10″ x 20″ and they are generally glued in pads of 200 sheets or strips with a chipboard back for easy storage and handling.

A common use for sheet tickets is Midway Rides or Festival Concessions where the sheets are sold at a Ticket Booth window. Patrons purchase these tickets for cash then use these tickets as payment to various rides or food vendors, thus eliminating the problems associated with a large number of cash transactions. At the end of the day each vendor brings their tickets to an auditing area where they are weighed for a count and settlement. We sell accurate scales made specifically for this purpose. This system of revenue control might seem low tech but is 100% reliable, economical and has proven to be quite efficient at insuring cash accountability.